Unsearchable Things Unveiled

Friends have been nudging me for years to start a blog. That time has arrived.

I considered going with the shotgun approach, tackling a multitude of interesting, perhaps even controversial subjects. Instead, with spiritual rifle in hand, I’m targeting prayer.  Convinced that God is constructing a special movement of prayer, I want to be a part of this strategic intercessory warfare that I believe can and will make a difference of eternal significance.

The title Unsearchable Things comes from the book of Jeremiah, where God promised the imprisoned prophet, “Call to me and I will answer you and tell you great and unsearchable things you do not know” (33:3, emphasis added). The Hebrew word for unsearchable is basur, which means “beyond the grasp of human knowledge.”  These are things that God wants to reveal but generally get unveiled as a result of prayer.

I’m so excited about the subject that I’m in the process of writing a book by the same title.  Going retro to the day when books were printed in serial form in magazines, I’m going to present portions of Unsearchable Things on a regular basis by way of this blog.

Early African converts to Christianity were rigorous and regular in their private prayer times.  Each one reportedly had a particular place in the brush where he/she would plead before God.  Eventually, the paths to these spots became clearly worn.  Consequently, if one of the believers became negligent in their devotions, the others would soon notice.  They would then lovingly remind the lax one, “Brother, the grass grows on your path.”

Join me in this effort to keep the path clear. “Pray continually”                (1 Thessalonians 5:17) and be on the lookout for the next installment of Unsearchable Things.

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